Eternal  Ayurveda

 ~ Acidity, Chronic  & Acute Gastric Disorders

 ~ Arthritis ( a painful condition of the joints), Sciatica, Spondylitis

 ~ Chronic & Recurrent cough & cold

 ~ Sinus problems

 ~ Diabetes

 ~ Chronic skin diseases like psoriasis and leucoderma

 ~ Kidney stones & urinary disorders

 ~ Jaundice & other liver disorders like fatty liver, cirrhosis of liver,

    G-6 PD deficiency

 ~ Obesity- Treatment for weight gain or weight loss 

 ~ Hair fall, dandruff & pimples

 ~ Psychological  problems like anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress

 ~ Complexion improvement treatment

 ~ Care before, during and after pregnancy

Eternal Ayurveda Clinic provides treatment advise along with authentic & effective ayurvedic medicines with specialization in the following diseases: